If you follow, really, anything with news these days, you’ll know that Apple is set to unveil the details of the new iPhone 5. Oh yeah, this thing has it all: a bigger screen, longer battery life, better speakers and a super-duper fast internet. It will do everything you can ever hope for from a smartphone and, more importantly, be a game changer for Apple.

He also claims that Scientists tell us that we have a 10 year window or less in which to remedy the problem of global warming. That statement alone makes us wonder if Kerry has ever read about the Ice Age. The Ice Age was not caused by humans in that situation as there were few people and causes other than nature itself to cause it.

In the chart below you can see how much pending inventory is waiting to flood the market. The total supply of 6.3 million units has returned to the worst levels of 2008. And that doesn’t even include delinquencies of less than 90 days, which would push the shadow inventory up to 7 million.

‘Beardo’ is Broc Verschoor and ‘Dreads’ is Hans Hokenson, both are 25 years old and are from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Both men are married, Verschoor is a photographer and Hokenson is a stay-at-home dad.

The thing is, all these fears while fact based are very individual when you start thinking about them realistically. If you’re within 10 years of collecting social security nothing is likely to change. You can wipe that fear off your list. Same with Medicare, and other entitlements. They’ll be there for you, perhaps changed a bit but politicians aren’t going to really displace the most active voting population by destroying these safety nets.

As we listen to a song that we like as stated above we feel it on an emotional level and if we are bold enough we sing along and dance to the music as well. When we do this we are harmonizing with it on an emotional level.

Beyonce is popular, but news of her pregnancy on the 2011 VMAs Sunday night proved that was more popular than the death of Osama bin Laden, business insider reports. Talk about a comparison with some shock value.

Only an hour before, some hunters in Madison had just broken the previous record of 697.5 pounds with a 723.5-pound alligator, only to quickly give up that title! Sunday night was busy, but Saturday night also saw a couple of Mississippi state alligator records broken. A group of hunters killed the longest and heaviest female alligator measuring 10 feet long and weighing 295.3 pounds.