Warner put .4 million in income into Swiss bank accounts between 1999 and 2007. An Oct. 2 Chicago Tribune article reported that the Swiss accounts held up to 7 million. U.S. Tax law calls for penalties on half of that amount.

The hunters have described the difficulty they had in the capture of this massive beast because it went down to the bottom and stayed a long time. After they finally got it to the surface, after breaking lines, they shot him. Due to his massive size, it took them over 4 hours to remove the alligator from the water.

He also thinks that NBC let the show get stale and that was the other reason they had issues. This media reporter is not keeping his mouth shut about what he thinks about Anne. So far she is not speaking out back or saying what she thinks of him but this could get ugly before it gets better.

I’m not going to pretend to be a tax expert here but it seems that, if a judge does end up ruling in favor of East Rutherford in this manner, neither the Giants nor the new York Jets will be paying any taxes. This is somewhat unsettling news for a new Jersey resident such as myself. With a league lockout looming, neither the Jets nor Giants need any bad press right now.

In the early stages of setting up a home base business there are lots of things to do to make that business a success. In the early years long hours have to be put in sometimes for little or no monetary reward. But it is so important during this stage that the person(s) involved never loses the “big picture”. We must never stop dreaming. We must always keep our passion high for our business. Our enthusiasm will attract others into our business.

Any marketing professional can tell you how powerful suggestion is. Suggestion directly impacts ones thoughts which in turn impacts how they act. This is why Bank of America spent .9 billion on advertising in 2010 according to business insider. They also brought in 1.3 billion in revenue that year.

The plan: Take care of your health now. Eat right, exercise, get regular checkups, avoid long term medications if you can. Only you can do this, no doctor or medical professional can help you be healthy, the power is in your own hands.